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How to keep your child safe

Important information from the British Blind and Shutter Association

Window blind cords and chains can pose a risk for your young child who could injure or even strangle themselves on the hanging looped cords.

The BBSA is committed to helping to eliminate the risk and you can help by taking these simple precautions now.

Examine every blind in your home. If they have a looped control cord or chain and are not fitted with safety devices then you can easily fit one of the many safety devices available. Ask Euroblinds, an approved BBSA 'make it safe' supplier who will be happy to give you advice.

Ensure that all blind cords cannot be reached by children.

When looking for new blinds always consider blinds that do nt have cords or have concealed or inaccessible cords for homes/areas where children live or may visit.

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