Energy Saving Blinds

Over the last few years we have seen energy prices rise quite significantly and as a result the domestic energy companies rush to increase domestic tariffs to heights never reached before.

Why not ask our staff about our energy saving fabric range. Our extensive range of Louvolite fabrics are rated ER1, ER2, ER3.  

ER3: These are fabrics which are deemed to be the essential fabrics for window furnishing. Fabrics which fall into this category perform to a reasonable level and should be the minimum products that customers select to make a tangible difference to thermal loss.

ER2: Fabrics that fall into this category have a higher performance than ER3 and Louvolite classes these fabrics as effective in the reduction of thermal loss.

ER1: Fabrics in this category are the most efficient fabrics for reducing thermal loss when used in tandem with glazing systems.

Make your blinds work for you with up to 15% savings per year
The result is that the consumer will be able to establish an indication of the energy reduction and cash saving that would be appropriate to the fabric selected and make a discernible choice should a higher performing fabric be preferred. If you can estimate the level of savings made you can effectively identify a return of the investment made - the cost of the blinds - and work out a payback period for the blinds.



The window on the left has E1 energy saver window blinds installed.

For maximum energy saving efficiency energy saving fabrics and the Perfect Fit system make a winning team!


Perfect fit changes the air-flow around the blind and further reduces thermal loss by up to a further massive 4%. This performance feature on its own creates a significant additional saving to those individuals selecting Perfect Fit. As the majority of window blind styles can now be installed using the Perfect Fit system it will be no surprise to see this award winning programme becoming even more popular consumers.